Axiom for AI (This is a Trombone), 2018

The Key, 2006


While researching MC Escher's use of boundaries in "Circle Limit III" Jeremy Popejoy  learned of the modern works of mathematical physicist Sir Roger Penrose, inspiring him to search for an underlying geometry to use in his paintings

“I was drawing Golden Rectangles, starting with two squares each filled in with a solid contrasting color 

I wondered what it would look like using the previous two squares colors together in the next 3rd square rather than filling with a single solid color as I did before. I rebelled against using a checkered fill and instead decided to line up the colors in alternating bands for the 3rd square

Filling the 4th and largest square with a tiling of the 3rd square at it’s current scale wouldn't look that great - there was only room for 1 tile and a partial copy. My only other established scale was the size of the two starting squares. I tried using these as a guide and found nine tiles at the size of a starting square completely filled the 4th square. It seemed natural to emphasize the spiral so I added the nine tiles with rotation.


Here I saw the Moiré effect arise from the 18 "facets" that were created from the fill and thought the effect was an interesting representation of the observation of quanta...

In effort to better understand and communicate his artwork Jeremy continues studying and educating himself in the art and physics and various dogma surrounding these subjects

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